The blog of a woman in paradise

After the Hurricane
They cleared the road

The cars and trucks came
Not a steady flow but a continual drip

People came for water,
To cross the island
To check on family

The intrepid before had walked,
Clambering over every tangle
Of fallen trees, but now

They had cleared the road

Unanswered texts left me worried
Friends assured me of your survival

They had cleared the road,
Now surely you would come

The back of the roofless building
Offered a clear view of the road far below
Once obscured by green forests
The trees now stripped bare

For hours I stared at the ribbon below,
Stomach dropping at every white truck

They had cleared the road,
Of course, you would come

That intense anger you held against me
Must have dissipated in this storm
All of us transformed

It was my fault
Your possessions were ruined, but
It was just “stuff” wasn’t it?

Weren’t you joining in the chorus
“Thank God for life”?

They cleared the road
Hadn’t you forgiven me?

Days passed
The princess locked in her castle
Waiting for her prince
To rescue her on his
White steed

But this was no fairy tale

There would be no happily ever after

Just another image from the blog Dominica

they cleared the road...