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A Year for Letting Go

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“Some people benefit by saying the words “Let ….. go” to themselves as they breathe.  “Let” on the long inhale and “Go” on the long cleansing exhale” Nancy Atzenweiler, yoga teacher

The year 2020, a new decade and a time to let go.  On New Year’s Eve, I was with friends gathered around a bonfire.  Each of us wrote down a few things that we wanted to leave in 2019.  Then we threw our papers in the fire and watched as they burned. The symbolism was very powerful and left me with a sense of peace. (Then we roasted marshmallows!)

Life is unfolding as it should, many things are beyond my control, just breathe and let go.

Letting go of ANXIETY

Letting go of EXPECTATIONS

Letting go of EGO

Letting go of INSECURITY

Letting go of IRRITABILITY

Letting go of IMPATIENCE

Letting go of RESENTMENT

Photo by Greg Gulik