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How much has your life changed since 1998?

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My response to a Facebook post asking for a now and then comparison. The year assigned to me was 1998.

1998 was a year of change, the year that we moved from Dominica to the Florida Keys.

Car? In Dominica we relied on public transport and occasionally hitch-hiked. Started out with only bicycles in Florida, but was driving a used Honda of some sort by the end of the year.

Now – part owner of a new Mitsubishi truck (but still on public bus most of the time or relying on friends for rides)

Job – early 1998 was working as a snorkel guide for cruise ship groups, late 1998 had found a job as a transcriptionist for the pathology lab at Key West Hospital.

Now – Math/science teacher

Age – 41/42

Now -60!!! Will turn 61 in August.

Living – basement apartment in St Aroment, then with brother Moby and his family in Key West and finally a cute house on Coconut Highway, Big Pine Key

Now – Pointe Michel, on the Caribbean sea (back in Dominica!)

Pets - none

Now – 3 crazy dogs and 2 mellow cats

Was I happy – yes and no, a very tough year due to the death of my mom and lots of changes. But I tend to be a happy person, so certainly there were some good times.

Now – Yes, most of the time…..

Marital status - married

Now -married (same lucky guy!)

Children – 4 year old son and 10 year old step daughter

Now – same ones but both grown and living far away.

PS (A highlight of 1998 was our evacuation from Big Pine Key due to the approach of Hurricane Georges. We went to Disney World.)