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First page of my novel

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About ten years ago I wanted to write a novel. I wrote out a bunch of ideas in a journal, but actually only wrote the first page. Since I probably will never get around to writing more, here it is....

Infusium 23

“What is the meaning of life?” she asked.
“Infusium 23” came the reply.
“Hmmmmm” she nodded knowingly.

Chapter 1

It usually happened when she was in the shower.

For brief moments under the cascade of warm water she would fathom life’s true meaning, some inner understanding, beyond mere words would wash over her. Sometimes she was able to translate her euphoria into words, often searching for meaning in the writing she found on the plastic containers of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Her favorite was the Imperial Leather Shower Gel – “Original Balance – cleanses & cares for all skin types”. This was easy to interpret – Original Balance was the Higher Power, the Creative Force behind the Universe, it all started out in balance, but as the millennia wore on, various life forms seemed determined to knock it all out of balance. Fortunately, cleansing and care were available to all regardless of skin type if we would only allow ourselves to “experience the refreshing lather of Original Balance”. It was still possible to restore the Original Balance by tapping into the Higher Power for a generous dose of cleansing and care. Everything seemed to make sense in the shower and she often thought, “I‘ve got to write some of this down”. But all too often, the reverie was broken by the demands of the real world:

“Save some hot water for the rest of us” came her husband’s bellow or

“Mom, we’re going to be late again!”

The insights and euphoria slid down the drain with the soapy water, as she quickly dried herself, gearing up for another routine day in a seemingly endless series of routine days.